adidas ax2 review

Adidas Men’s Outdoor Ax2 Hiking Shoe Review

The Adidas Men’s Outdoor Ax2 Hiking shoe is a shoe designed for long-term wear and outdoor experiences. With a wide selection of colors, this shoe can be color-coded to your entire wardrobe. It is also a sturdy long-lasting product that is perfect for hiking or for any outdoor activity you want to do. This hiking shoe is exactly what you’re looking for in terms of support and durability.

Adidas Men’s Outdoor Ax2 Hiking shoe review

Adidas Men’s Outdoor Ax2 Hiking Shoe Specifications:

The Adidas Ax2 is a 100% imported textile product that’s made with a rubber sole for accurate gripping and has a “Low-Top” design for arch support and ankle comfort. It comes with a sock liner that is designed to mold to your foot for long term comfort and a perfect fit. The Adidas Ax2 is also designed with a mid sole for long term cushioning of your foot and an out sole for super traction during slick situations. Combine that with a high traction rubber means you will have the optimal grip in wet conditions.

The shoe is designed to be lightweight at 4 lbs total for both shoes. That makes this shoe a lightweight unit designed to let you get the most speed out of your experience. It also comes with EVA cushioning and adiprene arch support to prevent your feet from aching as you eat up the miles in them. The shoes are not waterproof and are designed to breathe so your feet will feel the best experience possible for the terrain.  

Adidad Ax2 Reviews

Amazon reviews rate these shoes highly for versatility. They can be a trail running shoe and a road shoe without your feet feeling the difference. The quality and comfort are mostly accurate with the toe box and width of the shoes being pretty close to perfect for most people. There are very few complaints about the Adidas Ax2 and most of them seem to be in regards to the shoes not having enough arch support for some people. In those cases, custom insoles would be recommended as the shoe itself and the design of it fits most foot types without a problem.

While other shoes like the Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Swift R GTX are more meant for rugged terrains such as mountains, these shoes are more versatile and can be used on all terrains.

The main complaints seem to come from use on rough terrain though not all reviews state that this is a problem. The rating on this pair of shoes fits the price you will pay and the activities that you will use them for. The quality and durability suit most outdoor situations and will improve most people’s run immensely. Overall, the Adidas Outdoor Men’s Ax2 Hiking shoe is exactly what it is designed to be. A shoe for all occasions and having the durability to last through multiple trails and experiences.

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Adidas Men’s Outdoor Ax2 Hiking Shoe Review


The shoe itself is not expensive and is worth the money for the sleek aerodynamic design. This is a shoe that will improve your run as well as support your day-to-day activities. With mostly five-star reviews, the money you will spend to get this pair of shoes is well spent. This is a quality shoe for the price and worth the money to try.

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