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Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail Shoe Review

The Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail Shoe is a versatile hiking shoe that is designed to get you up and down the trail in comfort and support. The shoes come in a selection of colors and the price is not terrible for the quality you will be getting.

Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail Shoe

What Is This Shoe Made Of?         

The Rockadia shoes are designed to be trail running shoe. They are made of 100% textile and synthetic materials so that they let you breathe and give around your foot with every step. The shoe is imported and with a rubber sole, it will keep the water from your foot while molding itself around it. The shoe is a “low-top” from the arch, meaning that it comes lower down on the foot while making sure your arch is supported. The shoe comes with a durable mesh as well which allows for your feet to breathe while every step is cushioned. It also comes with a removable footbed so it can be replaced over time while keeping a lower plush Cloudfoam underfoot pad for support and comfort.

The tread is designed for all-terrain activities on dirt, sidewalks, and sand. Your traction will always be there. The shoe is not designed to be waterproof, but it is designed to drain quickly when removed from the water so your foot won’t stay wet for long.

Adidas Roackadia Reviews

            The shoe is highly rated on Amazon for its versatility and its cushioning. It is also highly rated because it is a perfect shoe for the price. It is a cost-effective way to stay active while keeping your feet temperature controlled. There are complaints that the sizing chart is off because after exercising the shoe does not fit right, but for any running shoe to fit completely correct it takes time for it to conform to your foot. Though overall even the poorer reviews were pleased with the shoe. This shoe is designed for long term wear not short term comfort. To get the full quality of this shoe takes a bit of time. It also means the shoe will last the buyer longer than other shoes that will wear out more quickly.  Though there are several notes that indicate that the shoe runs small so to make this shoe work for you, you may need to buy a size or more above what you normally buy.            

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Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail Shoe Review


The Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail shoes are good shoes for the money, but the long term wear of the shoe is not completely confirmed. This is a shoe that will work for some buyers, but not all. It is also one that when it fits it works great. It is recommended that the shoe be purchased at sizes larger than normal for each buyer and that they be prepared to exchange them until they find the right size for their activities. The shoe is a quality shoe, but the design needs to be upgraded in future models.

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