Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II WaterProof Hiking Boot Review

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II is a tight breathable boot that is designed to grip the ground tightly for any situation you need to wear them in. Because of that, many consider it one of the best hiking shoes on the market. The shoe is a quality product made for hiking and dealing with changing terrains. Columbia shoes are known for creating great boots for all occasions and their designs generally fit most feet with the support and control needed for heavy duty hiking. These hiking shoes come in a variety of styles and are built to last.

What Is This Shoe Made Of?

            The Newton Hiking Boot is imported and made from a leather, mesh and suede combination. Combined with a rubber sole, the boots will keep your feet dry and well ventilated throughout your entire hike.

Measurements for the boot are also available for accurate shoe purchasing with the shaft measuring 5” from the arch, the heal measuring 1.75”, and the heal measuring .50”. Providing measurements means you will not be returning these boots. It makes it easier to find the correct size the first time and the right fit. The Boots are also fitted with advanced technology to keep you from slipping on wet grounds. They come waterproof and with rubber soles for gripping slick ground and rocks. The boots are marketed as “slip-free” movement so your footing is always stable when using it. The Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II come with adjustable features such as their lace-up features for the changing conditions of your hikes. These are durable, lightweight shoes that are built for any trail you wish to concur or any mountain.

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Reviews

            The ratings on Amazon indicate that this is a boot that fits great and lives up to its quality rating. The reviews indicate that this boot fits the feet terrifically and can handle most trails with ease. The grip on unstable ground is exactly what any outdoor enthusiast would want and the ability to make the boot conform to the foot is exactly what any hiker would need. The boots are waterproof which makes them perfect for wet activities or work. There are also enough reviews on Amazon to indicate that the longevity of the shoe is questionable especially if your activities are more extreme which would add greater wear on the boots. It is also questionable how long the waterproofing will last after many submersions. If you are looking for more of a low profile show, you may like the Columbia Men’s North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe.

            This is a quality boot for most people and we can definitely recommend it for Hiking and similar activities. The boot will give most people exactly what they need and will hold up for the longer term.

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Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Review


The Columbia Newton Ridge Waterproof Hiking Boot is a quality boot and brand, and is definitely worth the money. It gives you exactly what it says it does and it is also inexpensive for such a high quality boot. Columbia designs quality footwear and this is one of those boots you will keep for the long term.

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