Columbia Waterproof Trail Shoe

Columbia Men’s North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe Review

The Columbia Men’s North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe is made by a company who has a reputation for high quality products having functionality, style, and value. For outdoor performance, it offers traction for any weather conditions; yet, it’s lightweight enough to wear on a daily basis. Sporting men will love adopting this hiking shoe into their active lives.

Columbia Men's North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe


– color: cordovan/gypsy

– made of suede leather and textile

– imported

– rubber sole

– Onmi-heat insulation, tech lite midsole

– advanced reflective lining

– keeps feet dry and comfortable

– dimensions: 12” x 8” x 4” – weight 13.8 oz.

– ships only within the US and to APO/FPO addresses



The Columbia North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe looks good while providing the wearer with comfort and traction for all kind of weather conditions. Whether you’re trudging through snow, mud, puddles, or on wet floors, this shoe will perform competently for long hours. It’s light for summer hiking in the Alps; water-resistant for those dewy mornings on the golf course; and serves the purpose if you’re just walking the dog or working in the yard. The rubber grip on the shoe bottoms is great for going up and down a ladder, so the workman won’t slip on the job.



These shoes tend to run a little small, so the buyer should order a half size larger than he normally wears. But if they don’t fit properly, the customer service is adequate, and will replace the shoes within a few weeks.

This Waterproof Trail Shoe is not completely waterproof, although it does offer acceptable water resistance for most situations. On a wet pavement, the wearer should beware of slipping, as the traction is a bit lacking in the rain, and especially on bare ice. In addition, the tread on the shoe bottom tends to collect tiny gravel, which must be cleaned off before removing the shoes.

The mesh material overlaps the neoprene-like inner lining, so that outdoors, it may collect burrs and stickers. This can be a disadvantage when bushwhacking or field stomping. After a few months of wear, the mesh may pull away from the leather toe kicker, leaving a hole. The front seams between the plastic and the fabric may separate after only moderate use. The inserts are thin, and the buyer may want to replace them with something thicker. The laces are also a little long and may have to be double-knotted. These negative attributes make the Columbia Men’s North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoes good for short hikes and walking around town, but may not offer the best support for a long hike.


People who enjoy walking around town or going on a short hike will love this shoe. It’s affordable, comfortable, and breathable. It makes a great everyday sneaker as well as a hiking shoe.


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